Bun B: "[When I spit, 'And didn't even fuck/Man what the fuck?!/If you didn't want to fuck then get the fuck up out the truck!'] I wanted to show how you can use the word 'fuck.' If you’re gonna use it, don’t just curse for cursing's sake. I wanted to show a creative way of cursing and still kind of get the point across.

"It's not a serious record, but at the same time it kind of is. What it gets down to is, in modern society, one of the strongest symbols of the relationship. If a guy has a nice car, you can end up with a pretty girl. It doesn’t matter if he's a pretty guy. And I think that’s kind of the thing with everybody that has a nice car. They don’t buy nice cars just because they like nice cars, they buy cars because women like nice cars. Chris Rock said that. I think 'Fuck My Car' is just a musical interpretation of that. Even though we came out before the Chris Rock routine. So maybe Chris Rock's routine is a comedic explanation of our song."

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