Soulja Boy Tell 'Em has got to be one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop today. On the one hand, he's got millions of adoring fans who follow him on Twitter, buy his ringtones, and help make his songs hits (he's had five Top 40 hits and counting). On the other hand, he's routinely blamed for the demise of hip-hop by the likes of Ice-T, Method Man, and blog commenters everywhere. And let's not even get into the video that recently surfaced of groupie extraordinaire Kat Stacks chilling with Soulja Boy in his hotel room with what appeared to be cocaine nearby. That's why we put together Chain Reaction: A History of Soulja Boy's Greatest Chains—because if you hate him, you can call his chains ignorant, and if you love him, you'll admire his pretty boy swag. Ayyyeee!