Left To Right (clockwise): K-Os & Drake, Maino, Teengirl Fantasy, Young Jeezy, Katy Perry

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You know we like to keep the daily playlist diverse around here. We have a new joint from K-Os and Drake that embodies one style of rap, but Young Jeezy and Maino are on here to represent for the other. Similarly, we have Teengirl Fantasy and Katy Perry records from totally opposite ends of the pop music spectrum. It's whatever you want. Listen, download, and leave us some feedback below...

SONG: "Faith"
ARTIST: K-Os f/ Drake
• J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League produced this highlight from The Anchorman mixtape.

SONG: "Don't Say Nothing (Remix)"
ARTIST: Maino f/ Diddy-Dirty Money
• Look for this on his sophomore LP, The Day After Tomorrow.

SONG: "Cheaters"
ARTIST: Teengirl Fantasy
• The duo is catching a lot of buzz thanks to records like this.

SONG: "Death Before Dishonor (B.M.F. Freestyle)"
ARTIST: Young Jeezy
• This dropped late yesterday. Jizzle throws shots at Rick Ross, if you missed it.

SONG: "Circle The Drain"
ARTIST: Katy Perry
• Another leak from the pop princess.

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