Earlier this week, Jeezy proved Godwin's law also applies to rap music when he dropped "Jizzle," another single from the oft-delayed TM 103. As much as we love Jeezy, he was dead wrong for wanting to go All-Hitler Everything by saying he "should be a Nazi." But as flagrant as that line was, it's not even close to the first time a rapper has mentioned Adolf's crew. That's the thing about rap music: It's the only genre where someone would actually namecheck Nazis. (Oi! music notwithstanding, we guess). Can you imagine Justin Bieber namedropping a regime that's the very face of evil and tyranny? Not until his third album, at least. And it's not just because rappers can be tasteless–it's also because sometimes they're lazy. It's just too easy to rhyme "Nazi" with "Paparazzi" or "Versace" or "Fonzie and Potsie." That's why we put together Inglorious Rappers: 25 Nazi Lyrical References: to put a end to lazy writing! Oh, and celebrating genocide too. To put an end to celebrating genocide.