Noreaga: "I believe me and Trag was hanging out somewhere and we heard this record. It was an Arabic song. I think we were getting some heroes and the Arabic dude in the store was playing the record and dancing. And we was like, 'Tell us where we could get that.' I think Trag actually found the record, I don’t remember how, but he did and we brought it to Havoc and the rest is history. 

"It plays the exact same way on 'Illegal Life' as it played, but we just added Havoc’s drums. But the people who actually made the record probably don’t know that we sampled it. They probably could indicate that there is some sounds on there but the way Havoc touched on it, he took that sample and made it his own. But back then we didn’t even knew how to clear a sample, especially one like that. Back then I didn’t know what an A-side or what a B-side was. All I knew was that I wanted to rhyme. That’s all I wanted to do." 

Capone: "'Illegal Life' was the first single off the joint. But the funny shit is, with The War Report I wasn’t home for the actual promotion of the album. I got locked up right after the recording. I got locked up even before the album was handed in. I saw my first promotional sticker in jail. They had to stick it on my notebook and send it to me. I couldn’t have stickers, so they stuck it on a notebook. That’s how they used to send me my promotions. 

“I actually have the 'Illegal Life' reel at my house. I got like four reels off The War Report. What happened was when we went to Def Jam and Def Jam bought us out, they also had rights to some of our music. Somehow when they did the deal with Tom Sliverman they gave him access to the old War Report music. To all our old catalog, basically. I had to go find something, so I went to where Tommy Boy kept their reels and shit. So everything CNN I seen, I took, because we was leaving the label. So I got 'Illegal Life,' 'Stick You,' 'Black Gangster,' and one more that I forgot. I’m balling right now, because if them songs ever pop off, I got the masters! I just took them. I could have took Jay-Z’s masters, whoever's masters was in that vault I could have took and they would have never knew. The label knew I took them. Of course they called me up and I denied every bit of it, 'I ain’t take shit!' But they don’t bother me about it no more."