Offender: Rick Ross
Child: Marquise
Child of: 50 Cent
What happened? In 2009, when 50 Cent and Rick Ross got into a feud, 50 wasn't much interested in getting into a lyrical battle. Instead, he stayed busy making videos and taking Ross' babymama shopping. Although Ross didn't have the Internet presence 50 did, he still managed to Photoshop a picture of 50's son as a monkey and post it on Fif is already an animal when it comes to beef, so this only served to piss him off more. He responded by posting a video of his goons visiting DJ Khaled's mom, who was asleep at work. But by then everyone was saying they had gone too far, so 50 removed the video and Ross removed the picture. We wonder if Ross would like to check out our Photoshop skills?
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