What happened? In 2002, Joey was profiled in VIBE magazine while on the road in Atlanta. Joe was playing a show at Kaya Club & Bistro and the club promoter who booked Joe, Alize Richburg, was acting funny with the money. It didn't help that Alize was rocking a chocolate mink, which isn't exactly tough-guy wear. Anyhow, the story goes that after his manager couldn't work things out himself, Joey took Alize for a walk outside. He later told VIBE that he told the promoter, "That's a nice mink you got on...you might have to run that." There weren't any problems after that. Gangsta!
Complex says: Industry rule #4080: Record company people are shady. Industry rule #80: Club promoters are shady. Industry rule #20: Don't fuck with Fat Joe's money.

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