Produced by: Kanye West
Co-produced by: No ID & Jeff Bhasker
Noah "40" Shebib: "’Show me a Good Time’ was the last record we put on the album. It was like the top of May. We got that beat from [Kanye] when we were in Hawaii before Christmas. We were sitting on it. He knew he was going to use it. He just didn’t cut it because he waited until the very end of his process to do some of the 'happier,' if you will, songs. He wanted more of the emotional material out of the way first. Then, he went to that place after. He wanted to do the ’Resistance’ and ’Fireworks’ first. Then he wanted to do ’Miss Me’ and 'Light Up.’ Then, he wanted to do ’Show me a Good Time’ and ’Up All Night.’ He cut it on the bus in New York. My assistant Noel Cadastre cut the record and sent me the files when I was in Atlanta mixing at Tree Sound Studios. Then I went back to New York for mastering, mixed it at Blast Off studios, and sent it back to ’Ye for approval."

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