Produced by: Kanye West
Co-produced by: No ID & Jeff Bhasker
Noah "40" Shebib: "We were in Hawaii with Kanye. He wrote it and Drake wrote a lot of it as well. They went back and forth with that. There were two studios, and ’Ye was downstairs in one room running his session for his album, and we were upstairs in our session running 'Find Your Love,' and we would pop back and forth. [It was] one session. We almost record everything in one session, maybe two. We used to kill it back in the day when we had time and that was our only focus.

"[Kanye] had scratch references. I think the hook was in place. I believe Rihanna had a version of it as well, but as far as when it came to us, it was just ’Ye in the session. When we were in those sessions in Hawaii, we were doing our own thing. I think we took what ’Ye had, made a few adjustments, added this and that, went back to him, discussed a few lines, moved this and that, and then they cut it."