Produced by: Swizz Beatz
Co-produced by: Noah "40" Shebib
Noah "40" Shebib: "’Fancy’ was done in February. I think [Swizz and Drake] were going back and forth with some records. Then, Drake got on the phone with him like, 'Yo, I need something like this.' And Swizz starts playin’ some records for him over the phone. He was like, 'Oh, yeah. That’s the one. Perfect.' Then he hit me like, 'Yo, Swizzy played me this shit over the phone.' And, he sent it, and we were like, 'All right. Let’s do this!' Then Swizzy sent the session and said, 'Yo, tell 40 to add anything if he wants to add anything.' So I ended up doing the whole other B section on the record, which is some wild Drake shit. I have a feeling the first few minutes will play on radio, but the last few will be for the album. So I did the whole second half of the record. The third verse is when it becomes my production. We put T.I. on it later. Drake has a great relationship with Tip and really wanted him involved."

T.I.: "I met Drake when his manager and my potna Gee Roberson brought him to my hotel room in L.A. like a week before I was finna go [to jail]. It might have been a month earlier. We just chopped it up for a few hours. He was asking my advice on how to effectively remain relevant. Not really remain relevant, but how to do this shit and not lose passion for it. So, I gave the best advice I could. I just see him as someone who has a good idea of who they are and is not trying to pretend to be something they aren’t and you have to respect someone for that. ['Fancy'] was done recently. I just did it like three or four weeks ago. Drake sent it to his manager, and me and his manager speak a lot. It’s about girls who take pride in their upkeep."

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