Produced by: Noah "40" Shebib
Noah "40" Shebib: “That one is again, me and Drake, doing songs we love to do. I think I did that one 100% myself and then I got Adrian X again to do the guitar on it. So X played guitar on three songs. He is on ’Miss Me’ a little bit, ’Light Up,’ and ’Cece’s Interlude.’ I made that beat in February or March while we were in Metalworks. We cut it that same night and the next day. My assistant Noel actually works at Metalworks and is their technology manager and handles their Pro Tools systems and makes sure the computers are working so he has keys. Obviously we pay for it, but when it comes to Metalworks, we can roll to the studio, 10 o’clock, boom, crack those doors open, no one is in there. A room and B room, get two sessions poppin’ and keep it movin’.”

“It was done in a couple days, but I think the first day I made the beat and Drake came up with a couple ideas and we came back and recorded the actual record. He actually doesn’t take a long time to write. It’s really fun for us to do R&B records. It feels more natural. With a verse he has to go in and say, ’I have to murder this fuckin’ track,’ versus singing where he can just go in and do what he does. As much as you think singing would be a longer process, it isn’t. Not to say he doesn’t spit his verses in one take because usually he does."

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