Released: May 17 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)
Best Song: "All I Want"

James Murphy's third LP as rock project LCD Soundsystem is like the indie version of Detox that actually got released. 2005's self-titled debut made them an instant hit, 2007's Sound of Silver elevated them nearly invincible heights, so this year's follow-up meant a lot. Thankfully, This Is Happening delivers. And the same way Dr. Dre pulls influence from '70s funk records, this album has David Bowie and Brian Eno homage written all over it. Most of the nine tracks run for eight or nine minutes, and Murphy's unpredictable production and soul-searching lyrics guarantee that they never get boring. If Kid Cudi freestyling over "Dance Yrself Clean" is your only exposure to This Is Happening, you're missing out.