LYRIC: "Why you home alone, why she out with me? Room 112, hotel balcony/How she say, 'Jay you can call the house for me'?/That's no respect at all, you better check her, dog/She keep beggin' me to hit it raw/So she can have my kids and say it was yours/How foul is she? And you wifed her/Shit, I put the rubber on tighter Sent her home/When she entered home/You hugged her up/What the fuck is up?/She got you whipped/Got your kids/Got your home, but that's not your bitch" (Jay-Z)
SHOTS FIRED? HELL YEAH. This was one secret Jay couldn't wait to let out of the bag, hinting at it on "The Takeover" before letting the world know on the "Super Ugly Freestyle" that he'd been smashing Nas' baby moms, Carmen, who Esco lived with at the time.

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