Left To Right (clockwise): Lil Wayne, Wavves, Travie McCoy, Japandroids, and Slim Thug

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Hip-hop blogs may have not been the hottest today, but there's still plenty of dope music from around the net in today's Shuffle. Wayne proves he's addicted to rap, bringing us a freestyle he did from Rikers, new Wavves off the upcoming album, a Japandroids single, an iTunes bonus cut from Travie McCoy, and some Slim Thug. Check and download your favorites from below...

SONG: "Light Up Freestyle"
ARTIST: Lil Wayne
• Weezy's freestyle was recorded via phone, then streamed on Ustream by Drake, and this is a rip from that Ustream, so the quality isn't there but the bars (no prison) are there.

SONG: "Post Acid"
ARTIST: Wavves
• This time around Wavves brings the zoned out, poppy sounds but on a bigger level. This single is presented by Green Label Sound, but will be featured on King Of The Beach, dropping August 3rd.

SONG: "Ms. Tattoo Girl"
ARTIST: Travie McCoy f/ T-Pain
• Travie's tatted up, why not bag the chicks who are into the same shit? No tramp stamps though.

SONG: "Younger Us"
ARTIST: Japandroids
• These Canadian rockers are a little young to be talking about days of old, but it's a dope track nonetheless.

SONG: "Gangsta"
ARTIST: Slim Thug f/ Z-Ro
• One of our favorite tweeters and guest writers links up with local legend Z-Ro. Alreadyyyyyy.

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