Jay-Z "Mind Right (Remix)" (2000)

LYRIC: "Frontin' like you tougher than what you are/’til the gun is comin' through the driver's side of your car/usin' my name in vain like I won't damage the boy/think niggas was shootin' your fat ass out of cannons before? (I'm that!)/Niggas is pompous, first they in Evel Kenievel jumpers/ now they turnin' over Rovers like they want it with Hova..."
SHOTS FIRED? PRETTY FUCKING LIKELY. Ma$e's Harlem World compatriot Meeno, on a track from Dame Grease's 2000 album Live on Lenox Ave., said, ""Who the last nigga that you heard that was this great?/none other than myself and the, uhhh, late great Notorious..." Not much, sure, but given Jay's aforementioned tension with Pastor Betha and his own defensiveness in the "Brooklyn's Finest" showdown, he took a prime mixtape potshot, working the Harlem World video and Meeno's own single title into the mix.