Jay-Z "Do It Again" (1999)

LYRIC: "Don't talk to me 'bout MCs got skills/'He's alright, but he's not real'"
TARGET: Gille Da Kid
SHOTS FIRED? MAYBE. It's never been 100% confirmed, but the story goes that Beanie had brought fellow Philly homies Gillie and his Major Figgaz crew to Jay, who in turn offered Gillie/MF the golden chance to appear on a Hov record. However, Gillie allegedly thought he was being low-balled and declined. Stunned by Gillie's impudence, Jay-Z went at his head on the first single off of Vol. 3. Or so the story goes, others claim that Jay is going at Jada or Nas in his verse. Whatever the case, for a largely irrelevant rapper, Gillie's sure been in some high-profile beefs.