Fat Joe Switches To South Paw
LISTEN: Fat Joe f/ Lil Wayne "Make It Rain" (2006) Complex Says: By 2006, the South had pretty much taken over the entire rap game, and a lot of New York rappers where feeling some kind of way about it. But not Joey Crack! Ever the trendhumper, Joey laughed off all the hate, got Lil Wayne on his hook, and shouted out all the rappers below the Mason-Dixon line on "Make It Rain" by spitting, "Now why's everybody so mad at the South for?/Change your style up, switch to southpaw." Sure, Jadakiss made it a hot line ("Jada I was listening") but Joey made it a smash hit. Plus there's no denying that Wayne's presence helped the track reach the heights it did, making Joey's advice all the wiser.