Rocko "Umma Do Me" (2009) "I didn't know who Rocko was or that he was Monica's baby daddy. I got a phone call, he introduced himself, and said he needed some beats. We were playing phone-tag for about a week straight. We finally bumped into each other and he invited me to the studio. I came through, brought a whole hard drive, but played about three beats. He told me to go back to the first one, which was 'Umma Do Me.' I told him the price. That wasn't no problem. We counted that shit, everything legit, and then he started to record. The song was a smash.

"I ain't talk to him for a week, and next thing you know I hear it on the radio. He went and got it mixed, mastered, and went on a weeklong campaign where he went to seven, eight clubs a night, hollering at the DJ to play it. Everyone in Atlanta asked me about it: Jermaine Dupri, Jazze Pha. We've been getting down since then. That's like a brother. We clicked from the jump."