Boi-1da: "That was actually made in the studio in LA. My dude Nick Bromgers makes sample quality music. He’s a genius. That was one of the things he sent me, and I made a beat out of it soon as I heard it. He’s playing all of the things melodically, the entire orchestra was him. I added the bassline.

"I sample sometimes, but I try not to. It’s better to do it when it’s not a sample. When you sample stuff, the people on the song can sue you for all your money that you make off of the song. Or I work with someone else because you just pay them instead of paying somebody unknown who gets 100% of your song just because you sampled their song.

"I just wanted it to be a huge record for somebody. I knew it was big, it sounded like somebody’s comeback song. The beat sounds like the king has returned to the kingdom. When I made it, I had Jeezy in mind. I think Eminem had the best freestyle on it, [but it] sounds like something Jeezy would kill.

"But once I made it, Drake had got a whiff of it and he liked it. I sent it to him. He took about a week to get the song done—he was busy, so he recorded it in pieces and finally finished it. When he was done, he hit me up over Skype and played it for me on the video."