Boi-1da: "That beat was done last summer in my basement in the late afternoon. Just me and my dude Matt having fun, playing around with some instruments, cracking jokes. He was playing the strings and the choir. I added the percussion and the arrangement. I sent it to one of [Maino’s] A&Rs and they played it for him. At first, Maino liked it. He actually did a song on it last year. After that, I never heard anything back from them.

"That was just a situation where I’ll make a beat and an artist will say they like the beat. They’ll say, “We got to do something with it.” But they don’t end up using it. So you don’t really wait on anybody. If anybody else wants to use it, they’ll want to use it. But on the Internet and a lot of people are saying that the beat was sold twice and it was shady or whatever.

"Like I said, beats don’t get sold twice. It’s just something that happens in the industry all the time but doesn’t get out there a lot. You know like, Cam’Ron had the “H To The Izzo” beat first but then Jay-Z came and did his song on it. That’s just how the game goes.

"So the beat was floating around but the beat wasn’t purchased or anything. Then [Eminem] heard the beat and got on it immediately. He ended up buying the beat, putting everything down, and putting it on his album. The beat sounds like he’ll do something serious on it.

"I figured he’d make a deep song, or an emotional song on it. He put the piano in there. He added that and the church choir singing along with him. So three months ago, we were at dinner and my manager, Fake Work, got a text from Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, that said, 'Eminem just bodied this beat!'"