Boi-1da: "That one was made in the basement two years ago—I think it was October. I wanted to mix it up between the South and the East. On the hook, it kind of sounds like the South. I just use The 808s and the hi-hats, the whole 808s sound kit. But on the verses, it sounds like an East Coast beat. And the East Coast got those raw drums. So it’s just a mixture of the two.

"I made the beat and I gave it to Drake. I’ve known Drake for years, so we've got that relationship where I just send him beats and he does what he does. He did a hook on it at first. At the time he was doing a lot of hooks for me. I sent the beat with the hook to Kardinal Offishall, he liked it.

"He recorded on it, but it didn’t end up making his album. At first [Drake] didn’t want it. Maybe a few days after that, he ended up playing it for Wayne. Wayne liked it and Wayne got on it with him originally. So Drake ended up using it. But both versions leaked very shortly afterward. So it wasn’t anybody's. [Kardinal] didn’t pay for the beat and it didn’t make his album.

"That stuff happens in the music industry all the time: two people get their hands on the same beat and they end up using it, but whoever wants to get it first, gets it first. It wasn’t a big deal. People on the Internet make a big deal out of it and make up these stories like how they have beef, but nobody really cares. I’m like, you can’t sell beats twice. It's not possible."