Left To Right (clockwise): The-Dream, Jeezy, Francis & The Lights, Dom, The Big Pink

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Things have been pretty rap-heavy around here lately, but not today. Basically all the leaks we scooped are alternative, or in The-Dream's case, R&B. There is some Jeezy on the playlist if you can't rock with dudes like Francis & The Lights and Dom. Listen to everything and start downloading below...

SONG: "Make Up Bag"
ARTIST: The-Dream f/ T.I.
• NMC premiered this super dope Love King track earlier.

SONG: "My Tool"
ARTIST: Jeezy f/ Birdman & Bun B
• Download the full Trap Or Die 2 mixtape here. Listen to the Clipse collab at that same link if you need more convincing.

SONG: "Darling, It's Alright"
ARTIST: Francis & The Lights
• You probably never heard of this guy until he started touring with Drake, but it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

SONG: "Jesus"
• This isn't as awesome as "Burn Bridges", but it's still solid.

SONG: "Tonight"
ARTIST: The Big Pink
• These guys updated their A Brief History of Love jam for its single release.

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