Why They Broke Up: Grand Puba left the crew (with DJ Alamo) shortly after the release of their classic debut One For All to chase solo success. Before he put the group together with Sadat X and Lord Jamar, Puba was originally a member of another group called Masters of Ceremony, so it's likely that his ego only ever viewed his involvement in Brand Nubian as a temporary measure. The group went on to release 2 Puba-less albuyms.
Why They Got Back Together: After the solo money slowed down and the crew tested a few reunions on wax in 1996, they initiated a full reunion, first on a couple soundtrack cuts and then on the surprisingly dope album Foundation in 1998, which featured beats from DJ Premier, Buckwild, Diamond D and Lord Finesse. They've sporadically released collaborative material together since, including the 2004 album Fire In The Hole.