Why They Broke Up: After their second album Non-Fiction flopped and their label Mercury folded, Mista Lawnge and Dres went their separate ways. Dres has claimed he and Lawnge had "internal stuff," which we're assuming means they hated each other. Or slept with too many of the same women. Probably both.

Why They Got Back Together: After Dres's solo career went nowhere, the duo tested the reunion waters at the start of the millenium with a rare EP called Redlight, Greenlight and the title track from the soundtrack to Laurence Fishburne's directorial debut Once In The Life. In 2005, they went on tour and tried recording the internet-only album 8WM/Novakane. The album was actually dope when it dropped the next year, but by that time Lawnge (now going by Mr. Long) and Dres were beefing again. Dres claims that Long's beats were not up to par, and that he refused to accept help from other producers that he suggested. Long started doing his own album behind Dres' back, and the duo is once again on a permanent hiatus, just like the public's interest in their music.