Left To Right (clockwise): Joe Budden, Red Cafe, Maino, Slaughterhouse, Rhymefest

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Nothing hit the blogs today that made us go too crazy, but won't stop us from coming through with a bunch of new tracks, as always. Joe Budden's freestyle over the latest Alicia Keys single is probably the highlight of the bunch. A couple of his cohorts from Slaughterhouse dropped something too. A pair of Red Cafe remixes leaked, along with some old Maino, and a mixtape cut from Rhymefest. All rap everything on today's playlist. Listen and download your favorites below...

SONG: "Unthinkable"
ARTIST: Joe Budden
• Joey rips the Alicia Keys single. Of course, there's more than a few current events punchlines.

SONG: "I'm Ill (Remix)"
ARTIST: Red Cafe f/ The LOX
• The first remix of this track. Find the other at the same link above.

SONG: "Good Shoe"
• Recorded over two years ago, but it's resurfaced in light of Maino's comments about Rosa Acosta's shoe game.

SONG: "Nobody Fuckin' With Us"
ARTIST: Slaughterhouse f/ Bun B
• Bun joins Crooked and Royce for over seven minutes of rhymes. The ranting at the end makes it sound like Slaughterhouse is officially signed to Shady.

SONG: "Familiar Faces"
ARTIST: Rhymefest
• Off the Dangerous 5-18 mixtape that's dropping before the album, El Che.

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