Jim Says: "I did that with my man Kooley C, and Frank Romano. It was a track I made for this kid named Tampa Tony, just the instrumental. We never really finished doing the track, but then when we get over to Hit Factory, Angie Hunt and this girl named Crystal heard it by mistake. My engineer played it, it wasn't even finished. I was like, 'Why are you playing that? It's not even finished!' They loved it, and they started writing 'Show Stopper' and I loved it. I put some more work on the track, I finished the track, and there it is.

"And we weren't even supposed to be on that album. I believe the real deal is Diddy...We tried getting in on that project, my friend Jessica Rivera tried to get us on. He said, 'We got everything taken care of, we're good.' She broke the door down for us, she was at EMI at the time, and she was like 'Let's give them a day and see what they come up with.' We got them their first single, their biggest single ever. So now what? Ha!"