Jim Says: "That record was huge for me. That Ozzy Osbourne song was the first record I ever scratched on my dad's turntable. Me and Big D, that was a huge thing for both of us, it kind of launched our career as producers. Originally, the label wasn't into it, because it was too rock for Trick. Trick's brother was like, 'This is crazy, this would be great for Trick.' A guy who works for Trick convinced him to do the record. Trick always liked the beat, so he put a verse on it. The beat got sent to Twista, Twista liked it. A guy named Case, from a group called Lost Tribe, wrote that chorus. Pitbull brought Lil Jon by the studio and he came in and wrote a chorus. That wasn't the one; we used the one from Case. I made the actual demo track two years before that. I made that in my loft, a little townhouse. Me and D revisited it and turned it into a jewel."