Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the passing of gangsta rap pioneer Eric "Eazy-E" Wright. As the founder of Ruthless Records, a pivotal original member of N.W.A. and the man who discovered Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, you'd think DJs everywhere would jump at the chance to pay tribute to a G like Eazy, but sadly that hasn't been the case. Though Eazy's image preserves, his signature locs and jheri curl tucked under a Raiders snapback, in hipster t-shirts and that tattoo on Game's forearm, it's his music that we could use more of.

While Eazy was never a great technical rapper (he only picked up the mic when a group signed to his label punked out of delivering the Ice Cube-penned "Boyz N Da Hood"), he always had a lot to say. And most of it included cursing. And degrading women. By Eazy's standards, rap today is sugar coated and watered down. So to honor a man who offended someone every time he opened his mouth, reminisce on 5 of Eazy-E's most extreme verses...

"Nobody Move" f/ MC Ren
VERBAL OFFENSES: Bank Robbery, Tranny Rape

Eazy Says It: (2rd verse) "The suspense was makin' me sick/She took her panties down and the bitch had a dick!/I said, "Damn," dropped the gat from my hand/What I thought was a bitch, was nothing but a man/Put the gat to his legs, all the way up his skirt/Because this is one faggot that I had to hurt."


"My Baby'z Mama"
VERBAL OFFENSES: Extreme Misogyny, Murder

Eazy Says It: (1st verse) "Cause she's the type of bitch that wanna see me broke/Broker than a joke, bitch stole my roll/And every time I see the bitch she needs cash/She make me wanna slap her ass/Trifling bitch always got me in a fit/The low life Compton shoppin swap meet trick/I wanna kill the ho/Then slam her in the trunk of my six four."


"Gimme That Nutt"
VERBAL OFFENSE: Overly-Descriptive Skeeting

Eazy Says It: (2nd verse) "Okay back back to the fucking basics/You got yours and mine I want you to taste it/Open wide oh no don't 'cha waste it/Awww shit, all over your face kid."


"Still Talkin'"
VERBAL OFFENSES: Domestic Violence, Sexually-Transmitted Grossness

Eazy Says It: (3rd verse) "Just throwin' me the pussy/She says she wants to do it like a doggy/She's bad, nobody is badder/But she got more crabs than a seafood platter/Bitch on the gank move to skeaze me/Just to say "I got fucked by Eazy"/So I slapped the ho' like a pimp/I might be a women-beater but I'm not a pussy-eater."


Blood Of Abraham f/ Eazy-E & Will 1X "Niggaz And Jewz (Some Say Kikes)"
VERBAL OFFENSE: The Most Excessive Use Of The N-Word...Ever?

Eazy Says It: (1st verse) "Once a nigga, always a nigga/Ya nigga still a nigga, that's a real nigga, nigga/Bitch-ass nigga, I aint that okey dokey trick-ass nigga."