ARTIST: Golden Triangle

ALBUM:Double Jointer (Hardly Art/Sub Pop)
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WHY WE'RE CO-SIGNING: Having sold out all of their 7 inch pressings and an EP, this Brooklyn by-way-of Memphis lo-fi outfit has developed a nice little buzz for their debut album, which was produced by Chris Coady, the engineer wiz behind groups like Beach House and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Comprised of three guys and three girls (sounds like a party to us), Golden Triangle maintains a balance of misty garage tailored surf rock and post-punk mayhem. Over riot pop guitar riffs, the vocal tandem of Vashti Windish and Carly Rabalais layer each other unstably like waves crashing and recoiling at beach front. And yet the water is still so inviting.

Double Jointer is naturally high energy, as the real sell might be the band's stage show, one that stands beside the storied carnage of the Black Lips and King Khan, both of whom they have toured with. They'll actually be touring pretty relentlessly to support the album but copping now should have you feeling like you're already in whatever dingy basement they're probably pulling up to. Watch the video for the single "Neon Noose" below...