Left To Right (clockwise): Little Brother, Ludacris, Consequence, Cloud Nothings, Redman

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You already know what happens when 5 O' Clock rolls around. Five new songs, and today's no different. Even though it was a slow day for new music, we always figure something out. Little Brother is back with the first new record from their allegedly last LP. More Ludacris leaked, featuring Gucci Mane this time. Consequence and Maino's new collab might be even better though. Stream and download everything below, and then decide for yourself...

SONG: "Curtain Call"
ARTIST: Little Brother
• The first single from the group's final album, Leftback.

SONG: "Party No Mo"
ARTIST: Ludacris f/ Gucci Mane
• All these Luda leaks just means the album finally leaked in its entirety. Bangladesh handled production on this one.

SONG: "Down This Road"
ARTIST: Consequence f/ Maino
• Very dope collab from ConsTV Presents Movies On Demand, debuting via Nah Right on March 15.

SONG: "Hey Cool Kid"
ARTIST: Cloud Nothings
• Lo-fi indie pop from the Cleveland band's LP, Turning On.

SONG: "Mind On My Money"
ARTIST: Redman
• Sure, Reggie's style sounds a little dated, but we'll be damned if he still didn't semi-body this track.

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