Photo by Tom Bland
Just this month, a cataclysmic video for electro veterans Massive Attack's "Splitting The Atom" dropped, prompting a bunch of speculation over its message and more directly, what kind of monster that is at the end. The video's dark sprawl however, is a vision of French director Edouard Salier. A visual arts renaissance man, Salier has created acclaimed projects in film, photography, graphic design, commercial ads and pretty much everything else that can come from a mind that Pratt students will probably be studying one day.

With a unified focus in landscapes and illusion, Salier's work is far from repetitive and having drummed up clips for artists as diverse as Raphael Saadiq and Air, the director melds music and imagination to build visuals transcending each. Though he's as yet underutilized stateside, here are 5 videos you should know directed by Edouard Salier...

Raphael Saadiq "Let's Take A Walk"
• In the clip for the former Tony! Toni! Toné! frontman's late night power move, Salier ignores the song's predatory surface quality recasting Saadiq as the sporting gentleman you'd want your sister to ask to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Air "So Light Is Her Footfall"
• Salier went into full creep mode for this latest video from French electronic duo Air. Which is not to say the video doesn't completely encapsulate the group's whispery longing, but how did he let them abandon baby girl with an unchained panther in the house?

Doctor L "Mountains Will Never Surrender"
• Doctor L was actually the first music artist Salier collaborated with and one with whom he maintains a close relationship to this day through their Strikeback Films venture. "Mountains Will Never Surrender" is an early testament to Salier's CGI sensibility, and the fact that he likes looking at eyes up close.

"Nike Woman" Ad
• Nike, who through Wieden+Kennedy, has long been revered for groundbreaking ad work, tapped Salier for this 2010 ad for women's sport. For their money, they got a triathlete battling forces so colossal, they could have only come from the mind of Salier.

Massive Attack "Splitting the Atom'"
• Salier's wondering balloon tour of a Gotham suspended gives the Massive Attack single an even more detached tone considering the mayhem revealed at the video's end. According to the director his mission is to make people question themselves, but all we're left wondering is why more people haven't used him?