Left To Right (clockwise): Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Surfer Blood, Rick Ross & Birdman, 88 Keys

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We're starting off the week strong over here. Today's shuffle is stacked with new music from Jeezy, another Battle Of The Sexes leak from Luda, more beach rock from Surfer Blood, and a collab between Ricky Ross and Birdman. There's bound to be something there you'll take a liking to. Stream and download everything after the jump...

SONG: "Trap Or Die 2: Reloaded"
ARTIST: Young Jeezy
• This unexplained leak hit blogs over the weekend. It won't be on TM103 or the Trap Or Die 2 mixtape.

SONG: "Sexting"
ARTIST: Ludacris
• The Neptunes produced this humorous cut off Battle Of The Sexes.

SONG: "Twin Peaks"
ARTIST: Surfer Blood
• Yeah, everyone in indie is doing the surf/beach motif right now, but these guys continue to rank amongst the best.

SONG: "Pray For Me"
ARTIST: Rick Ross & Birdman
• Ricky and Baby are like BFFs now, huh? Solid track though.

SONG: "Wake Up Call"
ARTIST: 88 Keys f/ Colin Monroe
• This leaked months ago, but a tagless version is just now surfacing.

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