Left To Right (clockwise): Raekwon, Chris Brown, Robyn, Shawnna, Crooked I

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Welcome back from the weekend, kids. Bloggers and the people who send them music must be enjoying the holiday, because leaks were admittedly slow today. We still managed to scrape together five tracks worth taking a peak at. Whether it's Raekwon flowing over another ridiculous sample or Chris Brown crooning in Auto-Tune, we got all the latest leaks covered. Stream and download everything below...

SONG: "Pioneers"
ARTIST: Raekwon
• No idea where this new Rae track came from but it's more than welcome. It's a worth a listen for the beat just as much as The Chef's always-sharp lyrics.

SONG: "Say Something"
ARTIST: Chris Brown
• Breezy just dropped this highlight from his Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama and it's kinda hot, if you're still into overdone Auto-Tune ballads.

SONG: "No Hassle"
• Diplo produced this record, which happens to be the first song from Robyn in a while. Like, years. Naturally there's hype surrounding her return to music. We just hope the Swedish singer can live up to it and create the same magic she did with 2005's Robyn.

SONG: "Nappy Boys"
ARTIST: Shawnna f/ T-Pain
• Wow. Shawnna has no shame about biting Nicki Minaj's whole steez on this leak from T-Pain's Nappy Boy All-Stars mixtape.

SONG: "Fireflies"
ARTIST: Crooked I
• Crook may never have a #1 single of his own, but that doesn't stop from rocking over Owl City's chart-topper on this freestyle that hit the blogs over the weekend.

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