If you're having a little trouble making out exactly what the above photo is, allow us to clarify. What you're looking at is an image of Royce Da 5'9" aiming a rocket launcher directly at your dome. Well, not really. It is a rocket launcher, yes, but it's meant for Ray Benzino. See, from what we understand, Benzino dissed Royce on some song which led Crooked I to respond, which begat a video from Benzino dissing him back while brandishing some artillery, all of which led to Royce and one of his duns filming the above video with the rocket launcher.

So, yeah, there you have it. Another rap beef made silly by a crazy, unneeded escalation that will more than likely continue to escalate before it fizzles out without either dude needing so much as a Band-Aid (we hope). We know this because, rappers do stuff like this all the time. Whether on record or on video, rappers have constantly taken a beef one step too far. We're not talking about shooting someone, too far, no, no—we're talking about posturing and posing. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's funny and sad. Take a look at our 9 favorite examples of when rap beef turns ridiculous below...


Young Jeezy Puts a Bounty on Gucci Manes Chain

• Jeezy's "Stay Strapped" (listen above) was your run of the mill diss track: a couple lines about how not gangster the other dude is, some lines about how much more money you make than the other guy, and reasons why the other guy should stay clear of you. But it's what came towards the end of the track that made song infamous. Before signing out, Jeezy tells anyone who's listening that he's putting a $10,000 bounty on Gucci Manes "Icy" chain. A few weeks later, some goon tried to rob Gucci for his chain, and Gucci shot him dead in self-defense. Yeah, that's probably one step too far.


Ras Kass Responds to the Game, with Guns
• After the Game allegedly tried to get Ras Kass jumped by 30 people, Ras, or as he calls himself, "The Real King of the West," gets some friends, some artillery, and what must have been some good herb, and makes this hilarious warning video. "Do you know what we have for you???"


Jay-Z Claims to Have Slept With Nas' Baby Mother

• Many say Nas won his long-fought battle with Jay-Z after he dropped "Ether", but they couldn't deny that Jay's "Supa Ugly" diss—which had Jay rapping about skeeting in his Jeep and leaving condoms in Nas' kids baby seat—left some indelible wounds on Queensbridge's Finest. Ouch.


Ice T Blames Soulja Boy for Rap's Demise. Again.
• You would think a guy who purports to be as gangster as Ice T wouldn't take to the internet to diss rappers less than half his age, but for some reason, he did. All that Law & Order money must be making him soft. On top of calling his music trash, Detective Finn went ahead and blamed Soulja Boy Tell 'Em for "single-handedly killing hip hop." Right. Just like wifing your jump off killed your pimp cred?


50 Cent Records Young Buck Crying
• He admitted it on his latest album, but we already knew 50 was a disrespectful dude. When Young Buck called him up to try to mend their friendship by admitting his wrongs and trying to bring clarity to the situation, 50 turns his recorder on, tells him to "stay close" and lets Buck cry him a river. This is one of those funny, but sad ones we were talking about.


Shawty Lo Looks for T.I. in Bowen Homes
• To prove his claim that Clifford Harris wasn't really from the Bowen Homes projects, Shawty Lo and Co. roll through with camera in tow to prove once and for all that T.I. doesn't live there. And what a surprise it was to find out that a multi-platinum music artist no longer lived in the 'jects. To combat Shawty's foolishness, T.I. set up camp right in Bowen Homes to film the video for his Paper Trail single, " "What Up, What's Haapnin'". Checkmate.


50 Cent Rolls Up On DJ Khaled's Mom At Work
• As much as we clown on DJ Khaled and as funny as this video was the first time watching it, 50 took it way too far with this one. Somehow, he got one of his goons to find out where Khaled's mom worked and caught her on camera sleeping. In our opinion, Khaled wasn't nearly angry enough about this. But when you're da best, we guess petty shit like this is beneath you, right?


Max B Calls Jim Jones Girl a Ho
• If you knew Max B before the judge threw the book at him, you knew he hated Jim Jones. The details were always a bit sketchy, something about Jones not bailing him out and not allowing him to make music. In this clip, the Silver Surfer goes a step further, in an episode of Max B TV, and says that Jim Jones girl loves him. And that she "touched it in Miami."


50 Cent Takes Rick Ross' Baby Mother Tia Shopping
• What ever happened to "no women, no children?" One upping Jay-Z's slight at Nas, 50 actually finds his nemesis' baby's mother and gets her to talk shit about Rick Ross and then takes her shopping! Damn, Officer. Money's a hell of a drug.