Left To Right: Ludacris, Mariah Carey, Maino, Kevin Rudolf, Trina

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After a few days of slow content, it looks like the big-name leaks are picking up again. Today, Ludacris decided to rap over "O Let's Do It", Mariah Carey dropped something with Nicki Minaj, Maino made his 2010 predictions, and more. Listen to and download everything after the jump...

SONG: "O Let's Do It (Freestyle)"
ARTIST: Ludacris
• Luda goes in over Waka's ATL anthem.

SONG: "Up Out My Face"
ARTIST: Mariah Carey f/ Nicki Minaj
• Here's the first single off Mariah's remix album.

SONG: "2010 Predictions"
• Among Maino's predictions: Rihanna goes lesbian, Wayne turns Muslim in prison, and a rapper comes out of the closet.

SONG: "I Made It"
ARTIST: Kevin Rudolf f/ Birdman, Lil' Wayne & Jay Sean
• A good amount of the Cash Money roster is present on this one. It's not sounding like a hit though.

SONG: "Million Dollar Girl"
ARTIST: Trina f/ Diddy & Keri Hilson
• Trina pulled some big features for this single off here upcoming album, but it might not be enough to take the throne from Nicki.

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