Left To Right: Jim Jones, A-Trak, Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Redman

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Like we always do at this time! Today Jim Jones dropped a remix to Dirty Money's "Angels" and A-Trak did the same for Drake's "Money To Blow." Gucci and Nicki are featured on the same song, and besides a couple more random leaks, that's all we have for now. Check everything out after the jump...

SONG: "Angels (Remix)"
ARTIST: Jim Jones f/ Sin City
• A few other rappers have already remixed this track, but of course, Jimmy & Co. still found a way to add their own splash. We cracked a smile at the "stretching birds, Rosa Acosta" line too.

SONG: "Loonies To Blow"
ARTIST: A-Trak x Drake x Birdman
• A-Trak and Drake both hail from Canada. Loonies are their nation's $1 coins. Make sense? Now so you can enjoy this awesome remix off the DJ's follow-up to 2007's Dirty South Dance mix.

SONG: "Diamonds On My Neck"
ARTIST: Supplya f/ Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj
• Never heard of this Supplya guy, but two of our favorites are on it, so whatever. Unfortunately, their verses can't even save this one.

SONG: "They Say"
ARTIST: Chris Brown
• Here's bonus track off the Japanese version of Graffiti...if anyone cares.

SONG: "Oh My"
ARTIST: Redman
• The second single from Reggie Noble 9 1/2. Anyone think he still has a little rhyme left in him?

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