Left To Right (clockwise): Gucci Mane, Vampire Weekend, Christina Milian, Memoryhouse, Young Jeezy & Boo Rossini

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It's a new week and we're kicking it off with our most eclectic playlist of this short year. Diplo's compilation of Gucci Mane remixes dropped today and we picked out a favorite. New Vampire Weekend and a surprisingly good track from Christina Milian and The-Dream leaked. Then we stumbled across a killer song from this Memoryhouse band we'd never heard of until now. Today's selections aren't typical, but no less good. Hit the jump to check 'em out...

SONG: "No No No (Brodinski & Monsieur Monsieur Remix)"
ARTIST: Gucci Mane
• Here's a remix off Diplo's just-released Free Gucci project. This track alone is a banger, but you can grab the entire compilation here.

SONG: "Giant"
ARTIST: Vampire Weekend
• This bonus track from the Ivy Leaguers hit the 'net this weekend. It's cool but hopefully Contra, out in two weeks, has some harder stuff.

SONG: "Welcome To Vegas"
ARTIST: Christina Milian f/ The-Dream
• Who knew this chick was still trying to make music? The crazy part is, it's not even that bad.

SONG: "Lately (Deuxième)"
ARTIST: Memoryhouse
• The breezy vocals and spacey instrumental make this a prime candidate for a sleeping playlist, and we mean that in a good way. This standout from their The Years EP makes for easy listening, no matter what kind of music you're into.

SONG: "Whip It Like A Slave"
ARTIST: Boo Rossini f/ Lil' Wayne
• Weezy helps out a member of Jeezy's USDA click with a decent verse on this otherwise forgettable song.

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