Left To Right: Snoop Dogg, Hot Chip, Obie Trice, Atlas Sound, Murs

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For some it's Veteran's Day. For some it's just another Wednesday. But there's another Shuffle playlist to look forward to for everyone. New music from Snoop and Nipsey, indie favs Hot Chip, former Shady affiliate Obie Trice, and more. The MP3 streams and download links are on deck as always. Start listening after the jump...

SONG: "Upside Down"
ARTIST: Snoop Dogg f/ Nipsey Hussle
• Probably the hottest leak off Malice In Wonderland so far. Music video is on the way too. Check out the behind-the-scenes for an idea of how the visuals to this old-school/new-school West Coast union will turn out.

SONG: "Take It In"
ARTIST: Hot Chip
• The electro-pop favorites are gearing up for the release of their next album, One Life Stand. This record isn't quite as infectious as some of their previous work, but it's not bad either. Fans of the sound will enjoy it regardless.

SONG: "Got Hungry"
ARTIST: Obie Trice
• Mr. Real Name No Gimmicks is no longer a member of the Shady Records fam, but the rhymes are still on point. Look for this on Special Reserve--out December 15.

SONG: "The Screens"
ARTIST: Atlas Sound
• A few albums ago, Bradford Cox's music was so weird that it was sometimes impossible to decipher the lyrics. He's toned the left-field approach with his latest track. Still not for everyone, but it's got a much better vibe that a wider variety of listeners will appreciate.

SONG: "Chewed Up"
ARTIST: Felt (Slug x Murs)
• Underground staples Slug and Murs are continuing work as their collaborative side project Felt. The LP, Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez, drops next week. Give this a listen and decide if you're copping or not.

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