Left To Right: Kanye West, Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent, Rihanna, Drake, Lady Gaga & Beyonce

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The weekend is finally here and the last Shuffle playlist of the week happens to be the most star-studded as well. No upcoming or unknown artists this time. Strictly superstars. We have new music from Kanye, 50, Rihanna, Drake, GaGa, and Beyonce. There's no way that there's not something on the list you're interested in checking out. Start listening after the jump...

SONG: "I'm So Appalled"
ARTIST: Kanye West
• Here's a new verse from 'Ye that's slated to appear on Diddy's Last Train To Paris album. Hot verse but this tagged up version is the only one available for now.

SONG: "I Go Off"
ARTIST: Beanie Sigel f/ 50 Cent
• If this is Sigel's audition for G-Unit then consider him part of the team. Great song and 50's shit talking is entertaining as usual, but the Jay baiting feels a little forced.

SONG: "Rockstar 101"
ARTIST: Rihanna
• RiRi is really running with the bad girl image and we're not the least bit mad at it. She even recruits Guns N' Roses guitarist, Slash, on this Rated R track to give the rockstar theme a little more authenticity.

SONG: "Scriptures"
• The Heartbreak Drake mixtape series is always good for exclusive Drizzy material. Several new songs leaked last night, but this probably the best of the bunch.

SONG: "Telephone"
ARTIST: Lady GaGa f/ Beyonce
• It was inevitable that two of pop music's biggest stars would work together. The collab lives up to expectations for the most part too. This will be the second single off GaGa's The Fame Monster.

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