When our favorite rappers release a new video, all of the email blasts and retweets make it impossible to miss. Maybe we're following the wrong people, but somehow this creative clip for the Justice remix of Lenny Kravitz's 1989 hit slipped under our radar. We're not sure how that happened, especially considering Justice's influence on some of our favorite rappers. Their work with So Me (who designed our Keri Hilson cover) inspired guys like Kanye West and Kid Cudi to get on board with the French artist.

Of course, the "cool guys" out there probably pride themselves on seeing this vid five minutes after it was uploaded online, but we're guessing that there are others who didn't get around to seeing it either. Well, here's your chance. The Parisian duo's take on cheesy '80s movies and the concept of end credits is hilarious and right in line with the innovative visuals we've come to expect from them. Watch it above.

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