Left To Right: Weezer, Soulja Boy & Drake, Lil' Wayne, Keri Hilson, Usher

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Welcome back. We're starting the week off right with several dope songs that leaked over the weekend and earlier today. Rock. Pop. Rap. R&B. All the genres are covered, so whether you're only checking for one song or you're interested in everything, we got you, son. As always, streams and download links are a click away. Hit the jump to get started...

SONG: "Can't Stop Partying"
ARTIST: Weezer f/ Lil' Wayne
• Weezer. Weezy. This collab was bound to happen based on names alone. The song will probably catch some hate from overly critical rock and rap fans alike, but it's an enjoyable record at its core. We won't be surprised if this is all over the radio a couple months down the line.

SONG: "Play Ball"
ARTIST: Soulja Boy & Drake
• These guys have been publicly declaring their respect for one another for a while now and they've finally teamed up for a track. Look out for this on Soulja's Paranormal Activity mixtape dropping on Halloween.

SONG: "Run This Town"
ARTIST: Lil' Wayne
• Here's another one from No Ceilings, also dropping on Halloween. It almost seems like it was recorded specifically for those in the "I'm tired of Lil' Wayne" club. Those people usually complain about his Auto-Tuned singing or faux-rock music, but there's none of that here. Dude spits for three minutes straight and kills it.

SONG: "I Like"
ARTIST: Keri Hilson
• You'll find this on the soundtrack for the European film, Zweiohrküken. It's a bit of a departure from Keri's Stateside hits, but in a good way. Dope song for sure.

SONG: "Rockband"
• Usher needs multiple hits to make his comeback official, so why wouldn't he work with the producer that sent Lady GaGa to the top of the Billboard charts multiple times? The RedOne production is on point but the concept is a little ehhhh. "Papers" is definitely hotter.

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