Left To Right: T.I., Mya, Rakim, Au Revoir Simone, Ne-Yo

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The leaks were plentiful today, but out of everything notable that hit the blogs today, these are the five songs that you need to check out. Mya and Nicki Minaj get freaky on wax, T.I. is still dropping singles while locked up, and three of our favorite Brooklyn girls got one of their hottest records remixed. That's not all we have on today's playlist either. Listen to and download the aforementioned songs and a couple more after the jump...

SONG: "Hell Of A Life"
• Here's the official single from the Paper Trail: Case Closed re-release. Word is, a music video was shot for this too before Tip had to handle his bid. We gotta respect dude for keeping the grind going behind bars.

SONG: "Ponytail"
ARTIST: Mya f/ Nicki Minaj
• Two hot chicks made a song about how nasty they are in bed. Yeah, for.the.win. We put you up on Mya's new music a little while back, and we're feeling this record even more.

SONG: "Euphoria"
ARTIST: Rakim & Jadakiss
• Gimmicks and trends aside, sometimes we just want to hear MCs do what they do best. If you're down with the "get back to rap, you T-Pain'ing too much" movement, then this fine display of lyricism should suit your tastes.

SONG: "Shadows (Tanlines Remix)"
ARTIST: Au Revoir Simone
• Don't miss out on this jam by these three cute, well-dressed indie chicks from Brooklyn. Not only are they reminiscent of the type of girls you're probably hanging out with this weekend, but their music is sick too.

SONG: "Nothing But The Girl"
• Ne-Yo is usually good for crafting traditional R&B hits, but he's on his '80s dance floor steez with this one. It's not corny either. Definitely a nice addition to whatever playlist you're rocking the most these days.

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