Left To Right: Snoop Dogg, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Emalkay, Kid Cudi

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Every new song has its purpose. Sometimes newcomers are trying to get in the game. Sometimes superstars are trying to get back in the game. Both types of efforts are intriguing for their own reasons and there's never really any guarantee of who's going to have the hotter song. Today's Shuffle kind of epitomizes these statements. It features music from iPod staples and artists you probably never heard of until today, but the playing field is more even than you'd expect. MP3 streams and download links wait after the jump. Keep reading to get started...

SONG: "Gangsta Luv"
ARTIST: Snoop Dogg f/ The Dream
• Here's the first single from Malice In Wonderland. Sounds like a formulaic radio hit. Not sure if it'll pop like some of his past megahits, but it's always a possibility with Snoop.

SONG: "Under The Sheets"
ARTIST: Ellie Goulding
• You know those poor girls that you smash and never call again? This is how they feel. Unfortunately, we don't feel so bad knowing that our asshole-ish ways can inspire a chick to make such a dope song.

SONG: "Fresh Out The Oven"
ARTIST: Jennifer Lopez Lola f/ Pitbull
• Jenny from the block wants to be called Lola now. Cool. Too bad the name change and The Neptunes couldn't save her from coming back with more average music. Oh well, she's still hot.

SONG: "When I Look At You"
ARTIST: Emalkay
• This is music for the ADHD generation. Explosive bass, hyperactive synths, and an utter lack of direction. Maybe it's because we forgot to take our Ritalin today, but it sounds awesome.

SONG: "I Get It In"
ARTIST: Kid Cudi
• Scott Mescudi recorded this back in 2007. Two years later he has a Complex cover and a successful debut album under his belt. We're not that mad at this song, but wow, talk about an improvement.

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