Left To Right: Lupe Fiasco, Theophilus London, Mariah Carey, Walls, Akon

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Everyone has different musical tastes, but we're pretty sure we've covered them all with today's Shuffle playlist. Lupe brings the lyricism. Mariah gets a few Southern rappers to help her out. Akon applies his pop formula to a NYC tribute. And there's more to look forward to from a couple lesser known artists. The mix is all over the place, but satisfying nonetheless. Press play after the jump...

SONG: "Fire"
ARTIST: Lupe Fiasco
• The rapper sometimes known as Percival Fats goes in over a slick Jimi Hendrix sample. Some say this is his response to not making MTV's Hottest MCs list.

SONG: "Enjoy The Sun"
ARTIST: Theophilus London
• '09 has been a big year for this Brooklyn kid and he's looking to keep the momentum going with this leak. His signature ambient flow and general trippy-ness is intact. Check out the music video if you're feeling it.

SONG: "H.A.T.E.U. (Remix)"
ARTIST: Mariah Carey f/ Big Boi, Gucci Mane, & OJ Da Juiceman
• Nick Cannon's wifey can't stay away from the rap remixes, can she? Despite (or maybe because of) her latest album's disappointing sales, there's supposedly a remix album on the way. It's safe to assume this will be on there.

SONG: "Burnt Sierra"
• Don't listen for lyrics because you won't find any here, but that doesn't make the record any less effective. Zone out material and nothing else.

SONG: "New York City"
• NYC anthems usually have some type of grime factor attached, but not this one. Akon sticks to his pop formula, turns on the Auto-Tune, and sings his heart out for the Big Apple. Weird, but honestly, not that bad either.

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