Left To Right: Lil' Wayne, John Mayer, Drake, Eminem, Clipse

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The weekend was packed with leaks from big-name artists. Haven't been glued to the computer for the past couple days? No worries. Today's playlist is your one-stop shop for playing catch up. We'd let you know what we have in store, but you see the picture above and you recognize all of those guys. You know the drill. Keep it moving and get to the MP3 streams and download links after the jump...

SONG: "Look Out"
ARTIST: Lil' Wayne
• Here's another rock record from Weezy. It's pretty much in line with his previous forays into the genre. That's a good thing for some people and the opposite for others. Listen and decide.

SONG: "Who Says"
ARTIST: John Mayer
• Hip-hop fucks with John Mayer for a reason. Let's use this track's chorus as a point of reference: "who says I can't get stoned?" Anyone who can put a pot-smoking anthem on adult contemporary radio is cool with us.

SONG: "Believe It Or Not"
ARTIST: Drake f/ Gucci Mane
• It was only a matter of time before two of the hottest "new" rappers collaborated. Their sharp difference in musical backgrounds is glaring, but it's a solid effort nonetheless. Fans of both will be pleased.

SONG: "Taking My Ball"
ARTIST: Eminem
• People are complaining about this song, but do you really expect Em to give away his best material for a video game soundtrack? We still have no doubts that Relapse 2 will be insane.

SONG: "I'm Good (Remix)"
ARTIST: Clipse f/ Rick Ross
• The official remix finally hit the blogs and it's as dope as expected. Listen out for the Complex cover shout out too. The music video should be out soon.

SONG: "Spotlight"
ARTIST: Gucci Mane f/ Usher
• After flooding the streets with three mixtapes this weekend, Gucci finally released a real single from The State vs. Radric Davis. Everyone knows girls buy albums, so if this catches on, dude will probably move units.

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