Left To Right: Lady Gaga, Busta Rhymes, Phoenix, Matias Aguayo, D12

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SONG: "Bad Romance"
ARTIST: Lady Gaga
• This new single from the re-release of Gaga's debut album was scheduled to premiere on this weekend's SNL episode. Of course, the Internets got a hold of it first, but according to Gaga, this version makes her "ears bleed" and the final version should be out soon. We know you don't care that much, but your girl might.

SONG: "Hits For Days"
ARTIST: Busta Rhymes f/ J. Holiday
• Nobody wants to hate on Bussa Buss, but when half-assed, out-of-touch records like this leak, what else are you supposed to do? Dude's flow is innately solid, but it needs to be put to better use than this.

SONG: "Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix)"
ARTIST: Phoenix
• Rock's "it band" of the moment, Phoenix, has gotten all the other cool bands to remix their latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Of all the notable remixers putting in work (i.e. Passion Pit, Friendly Fires), there's a good chance that Animal Collective's will get the most attention. Look out for the remix album in digital music stores on October 13.

SONG: "Rollerskate"
ARTIST: Matias Aguayo
• Drew Barrymore's roller derby movie Whip It comes out today. We just counted down The 9 Hottest Roller Girls ever. Then this guy shows up with a song about rollerskating? Way to go. Now make a music video with some of the hotties from our list.

SONG: "Ugly Bitch"
ARTIST: D12 f/ Swizz Beatz
• Without Eminem and Proof (R.I.P.) these guys are more like D8. Oh well. Here they rap about the benefits of keeping a not-so-attractive chick on the roster, and on the low, we know just what they're talking about.

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