Left To Right: Jim Jones, Timbaland, Lupe Fiasco, Juvenile, Freddie Gibbs

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We usually pride ourselves on keeping the Shuffle playlists diverse, but today's is all-rap everything. Jim Jones lets his love for black-on-black vehicles be known. Timbaland drops his first single. Lupe Fiasco rocks out for the kids. Juvenile plots a comeback with some help from Gucci Mane. Long story short: there's a lot of worthwhile stuff to check out before you hit the streets for the weekend. MP3 streams and download links wait after the jump...

SONG: "Black On Black"
ARTIST: Jim Jones
• Next time someone comes around with that tired "Jim Jones can't rap" argument, just refer them to this song. The beat knocks and dude rips both of his verses with ease. Don't sleep on this one.

SONG: "Morning After Dark"
ARTIST: Timbaland f/ SoShy
• Here's the first single from Shock Value 2 and it features Timbo's new female artist. It'll probably take a little getting use to, but this record definitely has a place on today's pop radio.

SONG: "Solar Midnite"
ARTIST: Lupe Fiasco
• Wow. First there was the Death Cab joint. Then we posted one from The Killers earlier this week. Now we have another banger from the New Moon soundtrack. The music supervisor behind these teen vampire flicks is really putting in work, huh? At this rate, we might just give in and see the movie.

SONG: "Gotta Get It"
ARTIST: Juvenile f/ Gucci Mane
• If Juvie wants to make a comeback, linking up with Gucci is a smart first step. He doesn't waste the collab either. This might not be the song that puts him back on the map, but it's good enough to make us think that it's possible.

SONG: "I'm That Nigga"
ARTIST: Freddie Gibbs
• The blogs have been showing this guy love for a little while now. We finally took notice and it's easy to understand why. The kid can spit. This record is also produced by Emile of Kid Cudi fame.

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