In the minds of most Americans, Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer. Schools start back up, summer Fridays come to an end, you supposedly can't wear white anymore and all the beaches begin to empty out. It sucks, we know. But at least you can go out with a bang by running through a bunch of BBQ's this weekend. If you haven't been to a BBQ this summer, you either need some new friends or you need to buy yourself a grill. We don't see why you would, but If you need any incentive to scarf down free food and beer this weekend, check out our 10 favorite BBQ-themed rap videos...

#10: "Backyard BBQ" Kenny Segal f/ Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Nocando, Busdriver, Dr. Oop
Leave it to the backpackers to make a song about an actual BBQ.

#9: "I'm A Thug" Trick Daddy
Trick Daddy has taught us a lot of things. One being a BBQ ain't a BBQ unless there's two or more girls at the pool. Silly us.

#8: "Country Grammar" Nelly
We would have loved to put the "Tip Drill" video on this list, but the grill was taken off set as it was taking up valuable ass-shaking space.

#7: "Thug Devotion" Mo Thugs
Who said thugs can't let loose? They like to do all the things you like to do. They just do them with an ice grill and a heater nearby.

#6: "Slow Motion" Juvenile
Leave it to Juve to churn out a wholesome, feel good video for one of the best club songs of the past decade.

#5: "Fantastic Voyage" Coolio
We bet you $5 you're going to hear this song at least once this weekend. If you don't, please email: shitsandgiggles@complex.com

#4: "I Get Around" 2pac
For this Shock G assisted hit, Pac rocked with the simple formula: BBQ + Girls + Pool = Awesome.

#3: "Growing Pains" DTP f/ Scarface
There's nothing like crew love. Back when Luda was fun to listen to and we actually thought the members of DTP would release good albums, they dropped this soulful summertime banger.

#2: "Summertime" DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Before he became Mr. Fourth of July and got jiggy, Will Smith created the quintessential summer anthem. (Jim Jones' "Summer in Miami" notwithstanding, of course.)

#1: "Nothin' But a G Thang" Dr. Dre f/ Snoop Doggy Dogg
Chronic and chicken go together like The Game and crying. A little sharkin' here and there never hurt nobody, either.


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