Left To Right: The Game, Dragonette, Lil' Wayne, Lake, Termanology

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Like every other living citizen, you're probably ready for the weekend. Well, enjoy the last few days of summer the right way and don't waste any time on the computer looking for new songs. We got five new tracks for you to listen to and download for the next playlist you fire up. Get your weekend started after the jump...

SONG: "Trunk Music"
ARTIST: Strong Arm Steady f/ The Game
• Strong Arm Steady teamed up with The Game for this ode to trunk-rattling sound systems. Hopefully yours can handle the bump.

SONG: "Pick Up The Phone"
ARTIST: Dragonette
• This should be reminiscent of your sister's pop music that you're embarassed to enjoy. No shame here though. This song is quite the jam if you're willing to disregard your masculinity for a few minutes.

SONG: "Pusha"
ARTIST: Lloyd f/ Lil' Wayne
• The frequent collaborators are together again over this smooth beat from The Runners. Wayne ousted his buddy Juelz Santana from the original version of the song, but we actually like his verse more.

SONG: "Don't Give Up"
• This sounds like something you'd hear in an excessively quirky indie flick, but those type of songs are usually dope, so fuck it. This breezy little number from Lake does the genre justice.

SONG: "What's The Answer"
ARTIST: Termanology f/ Ea$y Money
• We're pretty weary of underground, "record labels are evil," type of rap, but this song isn't that bad. The message is a little preachy, but someone has to do it. At least they can rap.

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