Left To Right: Kid Cudi, Bow Wow, Alicia Keys, Pelican, Raekwon

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Not only is it already Wednesday, but we're also back at our usual time with another Shuffle playlist full of new songs. Double win. Today's mix has a freestyle from the Man on the Moon that's actually off-the-dome, a cut from Young Money's newest member, one of the hottest chicks in the game, and more. There's not much left of the week and in some weird way, we feel like a bunch of new music will help it go by quicker. Keep reading to get started...

SONG: "Cuditastic"
ARTIST: Kid Cudi
• We suggest you check out Cudi's debut album for a true measure of his talent, but we're not mad at this freestyle over a couple Dilla beats. And he actually freestyles, which never happens anymore.

SONG: "Shine"
• It'd be too easy to say something snarky about the newest member of Young Money's latest track. We'll give him props for improving instead. But please start rapping about something besides how rich you are, dude. How about those nervous breakdowns on Twitter from over the summer?

SONG: "Doesn't Mean Anything"
ARTIST: Alicia Keys
• We always expect hits from Alicia and it sounds like she has another one on her hands. For the record: Lil' Mama doesn't show up in the middle of the song.

SONG: "Strung Up From The Sky"
ARTIST: Pelican
• This Los Angeles-via-Chicago band rocks out for over five minutes without the aid of any vocals. Fortunately, it's good enough to keep even the most impatient of folks listening.

SONG: "Can't Hide It"
ARTIST: Raekwon
• Fresh off news of impressive first-week sales (almost 70K) for OB4CL2, another track from The Chef hit the blogs. The sound is a departure from his album, but it's still hot in its own right.

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